2nd Phase of Bremit Presale has kickoff

2 min readAug 5, 2021


On 25th of July 2021, Bremit had announced the first phase of BRMT Token Presale Program, hosted at https://www.bremit.io .

The first Presale phase went significantly success with will share the details report at the end of Presale event.

The second phase of program has kickoff today with consideration of the feedback from the community to make it affordable for many people.

The duration of second phase presale will be 10 days.

We have 5 different package available to users in this phase with different benefits program.

Join now at https://www.bremit.io/presale

Join now at https://www.bremit.io/presale

Referral Program

  • Users can refer to others to buy presale tokens and get upto 25% referral bonus.
  • The bonus amount will be in USDT which is immediately withdrawable(in 24 hours). Minimum amount is 50 UDST
  • If the user already has the referrals members on your dashboard, and any of them purchased the pesale token then the user will automatically get the referral bonus upto 25% in USDT. But the user must be a presale token user to get this benefit.

Read more about referral bonus here : https://bremit.medium.com/refer-brmt-presale-tokens-earn-upto-2500-usdt-and-withdraw-anytime-c065ae36f6d

Staking Benefits

  • The purchased token will be in automatic staking giving you up to 135% interest. The interest amount is distributed as 40% of interest will be in USDT and the rest 60% will be in BRMT.

Read more about referral bonus here : https://bremit.medium.com/brmt-presale-offers-passive-income-with-staking-benefits-d76e872adf63

Unlock Airdrop token

  • The airdrop tokens are locked for 3 month.
  • But the Presale users have the opportunity to unlock those tokens, they don’t need to wait for 3 month to lock. User can unlock equal number of airdrop tokens to purchased presale token.
  • These tokens will withdraw on their wallet 2 days before we list on exchange.

Read more about unlocking token here : https://bremit.medium.com/bremit-presale-tokens-unlock-the-equal-amount-of-bremit-airdrop-tokens-d73ec60bfb40

Join now at https://www.bremit.io/presale




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