We are trying to explain how the system work in Bremit to transfer fund from one country to another.

You can read this to understand the basic https://bremit.medium.com/how-does-bremit-work-64f62a97d867

Here are the steps to tell how Bremit works.

Step 1 : Sender has to Fill the form in bremit

Bremit, with its new token in the cryptocurrency, launches a centralized cryptocurrency exchange through an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) method with its own token.

BRMT token a utility token that run on Binance Smart Chain, has launched on LATOKEN Exchange for IEO and listing from 10th september to 10th october.

Bremit, the blockchain-based cross border money transfer ecosystem by independent peer to peer node network, announced today an agreement with LATOKEN Exchange for a public sale and the subsequent listing of the Bremit Token (BRMT) on LATOKEN Exchange.

Bremit consists of a web and mobile platform which will accommodate the…

If you have participated in a pre-launch campaign for the presale and airdrop program of Bremit, then this article can be helpful to understand the way to withdraw your earned token.

Case 1 : Withdraw USDT tokens

On 25th of July 2021, Bremit had announced the first phase of BRMT Token Presale Program, hosted at https://www.bremit.io .

The first Presale phase went significantly success with will share the details report at the end of Presale event.

The second phase of program has kickoff today with consideration of…

Bremti Pre-sale has already been running from 25th of July 2021. We’ve excited to see the early response we received from the community for the first phase of pre-sale.

Join Presale here https://bremit.io/presale

This article is to share you what benefits you can get from pre-sale campaign:

We are very thankful to the overwhelming response we have been receiving for the presale token. This has been a great advantage for Bremit to negotiate with top exchanges. Exchanges play an important role to reach the higher community and build trust which eventually raise the value of the token.

Dear our beloved community members: We received lots of queries regarding the Bremit Presale program, So we wanted to answer it. Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to ping token@bremit.io to help us add to this FAQ list!

What is a Bremit Presale campaign?

Bremit Presale token allows…

Bremti has already started the presale campaign before going public with exchange. The presale campaign is a good opportunity for early users to reserve the seat to take the flight. If you already know this program: you can participate here : http://www.bremit.io/presale

If you already know this program: you can participate here : http://www.bremit.io/presale

Do you like the idea behind the Bremit? Do you believe the hybrid model of blockchain technology and uberization(peer to peer network of people to facilitate the money transfer) can disrupt the traditional money transfer industry?

You can…


Uber for Cross Border Money Transfer. Blockchain based peer to peer decentralized remittance platform. https://www.bremit.io

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