BREMIT choose to deploy smart contract on Binance Smart Chain.

The reason why we choose Binance Smart Chain in the first place, It is already secure and well established. But the major advantage over other blockchain is the speed and price. BSC gives faster and cheaper transaction with it. So our every users are able to hold the token in a wallet and collect payment from around the world. Beyond this, it also allows us to remain decentralized, which is the core value we are providing in marketplace.

  • BREMIT builds its own smart contract framework over blockchain and provides a BREMIT Smart Contract (BSC) optimized for node networks who are participant of remittance.
  • Smart contract is build in such a way, nodes are expected to easily find the right value proposition.BSC facilitate the easy money transfer process with out loosing control of money of individual.

Why decentralization is important for BREMIT

We have been seen the centralized platforms and it has always have been crafted in a ways that there is one central power to control everything and the users will only able to see what it is trying to be shown. There was the time when this concept used to work and it has great contribution to uplift the digital world but time has changed now.

  • People are now capable to understand and question on is happening there, everyone want transparency. So decentralization give equal and ethical power to everyone who are part of the system.

BRMT token Smart Contract Address


Token Economics

Total Supply : 10,000,000,000 BRMT

Token burning



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Uber for Cross Border Money Transfer. Blockchain based peer to peer decentralized remittance platform.