Bremit launches nodes, a peer to peer network for different countries.

Bremit unveils a enrollment plan for Nodes preparing to launch a new system dedicated to cross border money transfer service, planning to test from end of August with 2 countries at first round.

Building on the success of the pre-launch airdrop campaign, Bremit continues to roadmap with the launch of Bremit Node Network, a peer to peer network for different counties to enable people to make international money transfers.

Bremit is going to launch the money transfer service next month. In the first phase, the product will be supported in 2 countries. The product will be tested and iterated ahead of wider rollout in many countries. Bremit is rooted in the sharing economy to reduce the cost and bring a more open and inclusive environment for access to global finance. But to meet the specific need of easy to use for everyone, Bremit created a hybrid product combination of blockchain and people.

The current offers for bremit nodes is providing transaction bonus on each user serving, regular interest earning on their deposit and additional referral bonus. This ensure, every node can earn passive and active income regularly.

This solution offers great freedom to people who no longer have to depend on an expensive bank’s server and high risk hundees. Bremit will develop organically as more nodes come online and cover more areas to facilitate international payments.

Uber for Cross Border Money Transfer. Blockchain based peer to peer decentralized remittance platform.