Bremit Presale tokens unlock the equal amount of Bremit Airdrop tokens.

Bremti Pre-sale has already been running from 25th of July 2021. We’ve excited to see the early response we received from the community for the first phase of pre-sale.

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This article is to share you what benefits you can get from pre-sale campaign:

Now, Let’s talk about third, We are providing the opportunity to our early users to unlock airdrop tokens.

If you are not aware with the Airdrop Program, You can know the details what happened with Bremit Airdrop Program : More than 700000 people participate in airdrop program and earn Free BRMT tokens. Read the report here :

One important remark for the BRMT airdrop token has been locked for 3 month, So users have to wait for certain days to unlock tokens to trade/withdraw. You can read the token economics here :

Bremit pre-sale token gives user an opportunity to unlock the token right now, So they don’t have to wait for 3 month. It will unlock the equal amount of airdrop tokens to pre-sale tokens.


If a user buys 10000 pre-sale tokens, then the user can unlock up to 10000 airdrop tokens.

If a user buys 10000 pre-sale tokens, but the user has 20000 airdrop tokens, then 10000 tokens will be unlocked while the remaining 10000 BRMT tokens will be locked.

The advantage of unlocking these token is that user can withdraw all these token at the same time before listing exchange(We will open the token withdraw 2 days before listing on exchange)

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