BRMT Presale offers passive income with staking benefits.

2 min readJul 30, 2021


Bremti has already started the presale campaign before going public with exchange. The presale campaign is a good opportunity for early users to reserve the seat to take the flight. If you already know this program: you can participate here :

This is another benefit we are providing to our presale token users is to earn passive income daily with staking.

You can learn about Referral Program for presale users to earn upto 2500 USDT tokens

  • Bremit is providing 130% of interest on staking tokens
  • Reward will be on USDT and BRMT tokens
  • User will get 40% of the reward in USDT tokens
  • The rest 60% will be in BRMT tokens
  • User can withdraw the USDT tokens after reaching 50 USDT
  • BRMT tokens can be withdrawn to the wallet in August, 2 days before listing on exchange.

Here is the Example

If you purchase the token worth 5000 USDT, your token will be on staked automatically.

  • You will earn 6.58 USDT tokens daily and 200 USDT tokens monthly which is 40% of interest.
  • You will earn 328.77 BRMT tokens daily and 10000 BRMT token monthly which is 60% of interest.
  • You can withdraw USDT immediately after reaching 50 USDT.
  • Your interest BRMT tokens can be withdrawn to your wallet in August. (2 days before listing on exchange)

You can join presale here :




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