Everything you need to know about BRMT token.

BRMT is a utility token used to pay nodes for the Payment Transfer Facilitation Service provided to BREMIT’s Money Transfer Ecosystem. BRMT is also used as a staking token to nodes, that gives the capacity to each user to handle the amount of money transfer. Beyond it, BRMT is also a purely transactional cryptocurrency, suitable for use in micropayment and other payment applications.

Token Details

Token icon: BRMT
Token Name : Bremit
Token Type: BEP 20
Contract Address: 0x9F868632FaAc944959D6eB0B294BbF7811Ac0096
Link: https://bscscan.com/token/0x9f868632faac944959d6eb0b294bbf7811ac0096
Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000

Token Allocation, Use of fund and Token Release Schedule


  • 5% Unlocked to Bremit pre-launch Airdrop participants at $0.05
  • Will be locked for 3 months of transfer.

Presale Public

  • 15% allocated to early public buyers.
  • There will be 3 rounds and average cost will be discounted.
  • Flexible staking available
  • will be used to develop and to support the liquidity of the token.

Node Presale Public

  • 10% will unlocked to BREMIT NODES presale and extended.
  • Locked for 3 month minimum
  • Fixed Staking Available
  • will be used to develop and to support the liquidity of the token

Early User Benefits, reward and bounty,

  • 5% token is allocated
  • This fund is for encouraging first time users on the platform after the launch of the product.
  • We will launch different reward programs in future

Community Development

  • 10% for community development
  • Token helps to expand the services globally.
  • Target to build Country specific Local Manager, do outreach program, and community building.

Node Network Reward

  • 40% of token allocation
  • The token is designed to reward the node for transaction facilitation and staking.

Team, Advisors and Partners

  • 15% allocated for working team, founders, partners, and advisors
  • Only 10% of this segment of token will be unlocked each month.
  • The fund will use for development and operational expenses such as website development, server cost, service cost, API cost and advertising materials.

Token Burning

We have a token burning schedule. We have planned to burn a certain percentage of circulating supply over a period. Here is the schedule:



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