How to buy bremit Presale tokens?

3 min readAug 1, 2021


We are very thankful to the overwhelming response we have been receiving for the presale token. This has been a great advantage for Bremit to negotiate with top exchanges. Exchanges play an important role to reach the higher community and build trust which eventually raise the value of the token.

We have been receiving many queries related to token purchase, Here We are giving step to step tutorial to buy presale token

Step 1 : Go to Presale Schedule page

You can see which phase is right now, If you are interested right now you can buy now. You can see the timeline for each phase.

Step 2: Select the Join Now button to go further steps

On firstphase of presale, you saw something like this.

For Second phase, You can see this one:

In each phase, there are different packages with different benefits plans. Each package is determined with the amount of your contribution.

Step 3: Select the package you are interested to buy.

If you are not logged in, It will redirect into the login page :

If you don’t have an account, you have to register a new account first. You can follow these steps to register an account.

If you are logged in, You will see this page

Step 4 : Enter your Buying amount (How much amount you want to invest)

The amount you enter will determine which package will be activated for you. For example if you enter 10000, Advance level package will be activated. So higher APR (interest ) you will receive regularly

Step 5 : Select the payment (How do you like to make payment ?)

Now you can see which payment is supported. It shows, we accept USTD tokens only. We accept BEP 20 and ERC 20 tokens in USDT.

We will add BNB, ETH also.

Step 6: Make the Payment

Now you have 20 minutes of time interval to make payment on given to our address, you can scan the QR also.

Step 7 : You can make the payment using your BEP 20 supported wallet. You can pay from trustwallet, metamask and any hot wallets

Step 8 : Once you make the payment within 20 minutes You will get this.

Step 9: Login your dashboard and see your Balance and Staking




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