How to withdraw tokens from ?

If you have participated in a pre-launch campaign for the presale and airdrop program of Bremit, then this article can be helpful to understand the way to withdraw your earned token.

Case 1 : Withdraw USDT tokens

  • We are providing USDT tokens to the user for token staking and referral bonus for presale token users.
  • The USDT token can be withdraw when it reaches 50 BRMT tokens

You can see your balance on your dashboard

You can see the details of earning of USDT in Details tab

To withdraw, you can click the withdraw button.

Once you requested, you can see like this on your details

It generally takes 24 to 48 hours to add tokens in your given address.

  • Here you can add your address to accept your USDT token
  • The minimum withdrawal token is 50 USDT.

You can learn about earning USDT from referral program and staking program can learn from here :

Case 2 : Withdraw Presale tokens

  • All presale tokens currently purchasing on this period are in automatic stake giving up to 135% interest.
  • The Feature to withdraw BRMT tokens is going to be available 2 days before listing on exchange.
  • It will be the same process as the USDT token.
  • Currently you can see like this, (The same field will be active later, so you can proceed to withdraw), but you will earn from staking until you withdraw.

You can participate the presale program here

Case 3 : Withdraw Airdrop Token

  • All Airdrop tokens users earned by participating on airdrop program are going to be locked for certain days. The locked days can be shown on the dashboard.
  • Those tokens are not available for withdrawal.

First you can check the status of your token

You can see how long your token is locked for. For example here it shows tokens are locked for 79 days.

If you try to withdraw these token by clicking withdraw button

You can see the total withdrawable token is 0. So you can’t do anything before you see your token for withdrawable section.




Uber for Cross Border Money Transfer. Blockchain based peer to peer decentralized remittance platform.

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Uber for Cross Border Money Transfer. Blockchain based peer to peer decentralized remittance platform.

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