Most common questions about BREMIT Airdrop

Due to the growing network of bremit in short span of time, We received tons of queries about BREMIT and it’s airdrop. We have tried to answer as much as possible But we think its also better to share here for everyone.

What is the BREMIT airdrop program? Why does BREMIT provide free tokens to everyone?

BREMIT has the plan to create a strong community before we launch our product. To encourage the early adopter to join our community, BREMIT has designed several airdrop programs with specific tasks. Users participating on such programs will be awarded with FREE token. This will help our project to get visibility, reach the target countries and build a strong community, which will eventually be helpful while launching products there. With this program, we will be able to create mass awareness of our project and wide adaptation of token and project.

How can I join BREMIT airdrop? Does it cost me anything?

We have tried to make it simple. To join the airdrop, you can simply signup using your email id and will automatically get the first free token. It will cost you 2 minutes of your time.

How much can I earn from BREMIT airdrop?

We have different airdrop programs for different timelines. Your earning will depend on your participation in such programs.

What is the maximum token allocated for Airdrop?

We have allocated a total of 500,000,000 BRMT tokens for all the BRMT airdrop campaigns.

What is the maximum referral limit for one person?

There is no limit for referral, you can earn as much as you can. The Airdrop campaign will automatically stop if all tokens are distributed before the deadline.

When can I withdraw my BRMT token earned in airdrop?

To trade/sell/withdraw the BRMT tokens you earned during airdrop, You have to wait till BREMIT listing on exchange.

When is the BRMT token going to be listed on the Exchange?

The current roadmap is to list in August after launching the first version of our application to use.

Which Exchange is going to list BRMT token?

We can’t announce right now, Exchanges don’t allow any token to market it due to risk of price value manipulation.

Do we need to fill KYC?

Our platform doesn’t need any KYC but we may require additional information which we will be asking you.

When are you distributing airdrops into wallet addresses?

After completing the airdrops round we will distribute to the user’s wallet address. It may take a few days to verify an entry and transfer it.

Which wallet will be supported?

BRMT is BEP-20 token, so it will support the wallet those supporting it. Example Metamask and TrustWallet

Is everyone eligible to earn those airdrop tokens?

Everyone is eligible to earn but if you entered fake information, or tried to manipulate attempts to earn more tokens then your account will be blocked and the token will be destroyed.

Can we start withdrawing all these airdrops after we receive our address?

Yes, But We will locked it for 3 month,

But If You want to unlock it early, you can unlock certain tokens early if you are presale token user. you can see on

What will be the value of the token?

We are preparing to maintain the liquidity to offer the initial price of 0.05 USD.

Is there a minimum requirement to transfer the airdrop amount to my wallet address?

No, we haven’t set any minimum requirement on amount.

Will there be priority list to trade?

Yes, To maintain the liquidity and price of a token. We will set the priority to the presale users, and public trading users.

Even for the Airdrop token, priority will be for the one who have followed telegram, twitter, facebook and instagram.

If you still have questions, you can write us

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