Press Release : BRMT Token public Presale begins on 25 July 2021

Bremit has announced today that the BRMT Token will begin its public presale at 11 pm (GMT) on 25 July 2021, hosted at .

The BRMT Token is an BEP-20 fungible utility token on the Binance Smart chain, and is designed to recognize and reward the incentive of nodes on bremit’s node network involving in border-less international money transfer. BRMT Token will be provided to nodes as transactional rewards that are earned in money transfer on the

The tokens will also be used to pay for node subscription, node payment and the user bonus.

Pre-launched on 20th june, Bremit already has more than 700000 registered users.

BRMT Token public presale details

From 11 pm (GMT) on 25 July 2021 to 11:59 pm (GMT) on 25 August 2021, Bremit will hold a public presale for the BRMT Token hosted

Payment will be in USDT, BUSD, BNB, or ETH.

During the public presale, users can purchase BRMT tokens. There are 3 phases of presale for every 10 days. Each phase has 3 different packages to purchase. The cost of each package is calculated using the current value of your chosen payment methods (USDT, BUSD, BNB, ETH) and based on the price per BRMT token on a particular package.

Presale token has Staking benefits

The purchased token will be in automatic staking giving you up to 130% interest. The interest amount is distributed as 40% of interest will be in USDT and the rest 60% will be in BRMT.

Now, Even bigger and better referral program.

Users can refer to others to buy presale tokens and get upto 25% referral bonus.

The bonus amount will be in USDT which is immediately withdrawable(in 24 hours).

If the user already has the referrals members on your dashboard, and any of them purchased the pesale token then the user will automatically get the referral bonus upto 25% in USDT. But the user must be a presale token user to get this benefit.

Unlock Airdrop Token

The airdrop tokens are locked for 3 month.

But the Presale users have the opportunity to unlock those tokens, they don’t need to wait for 3 month to lock. User can unlock equal number of airdrop tokens to purchased presale token.

These tokens will withdraw on their wallet 2 days before we list on exchange.

What is the lock-up period for tokens?

The presale brmt token will be disbursed to your address 2 days before the listing on exchange.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw USDT token

The minimum amount required to withdraw USDT token is 50 USD.

Bremit Money Transfer Platform

BREMIT is a platform that promotes fast, transparent and secure money transfer without border through peer to peer network. We aim to provide exclusive benefits to our members of the network engaged in money transfer. Our goal is empowering individuals/companies with accessible cross-border money transfer and disrupting the traditional methods.



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