Step to Step guide to Earn from Bremit Referral Program

Bremit has given ample opportunities to early users to earn airdrop. If you haven’t registered yet, please follow these steps to register on bremit and earn your first token.

Now you are ready for Bremit Referral Program, follow these steps to earn from referral.

Step 1 : Login to your Dashboard and find your Referral Link.

After login to your Dashboard, you can click the Referral program sub menu under Airdrop menu at sidebar

Step 2 : Access to your unique Referral Link.

Now you can see your unique referral link on format like

Every user in bremit has a unique referral link, which will help to identify the person referred by the user.

Step 3 : Start sharing link on your social networking platforms

Click on the social media icon under the link, you will be redirect into the platform with message popup

You can add hashtag, mention/tag someone you know. You can also email the same message to your circle.

Step 4: Check your Balance/History of Referral Earning.

After every successful signup with your referral, you will start earning tokens. You can see your earning on your dashboard or under the referral history at the same menu.

Step 5: Keep Sharing and Keep Earning!

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