What is bremit node? How does bremit node work to transfer money?

Introducing BREMIT

BREMIT is blockchain based decentralized remittance platform promote fast, transparent and secure money transfer without border through peer to peer network.

We aim to provide exclusive benefit to our members of network engaged on money transfer.

Bremit Node

One of the important components of BREMIT is the node network. Node network is peer to peer network which ensure freedom and protection of transfer.

  • Node can be individual or company.

Job of Node

  • Collect the money from user and send it to blockchain
  • Accept the money from blockchain and give to user

Benefit for Node

  • Node has opportunity to increase earning bonus on each user serving

Additional Benefit for Node

You can also earn from referring to Sub Nodes

How to become Node? (#comingsoon)

  • User can apply for Node soon.

If you want to get notified early, you can fill this form.


Uber for Cross Border Money Transfer. Blockchain based peer to peer decentralized remittance platform. https://www.bremit.io