Why BREMIT is giving 500 BRMT to every registered users? Is it Legit?

2 min readJul 3, 2021


We have received tremendous support and acceptance by cyrpto communities to our BREMIT prelaunch campaign. As a new startup, This early signs the bright future of this idea of disrupting traditional and monopoly market of Banks and remittance companies.

But We also received some concerns from the community regarding the distribution of 500 BRMT to every registered users?

For those who don’t know what is BREMIT and How does it works, Please read details here : https://bremit.medium.com/what-is-bremit-how-bremit-work-5ad65d75076d

Let me explain the logic behind it.

  1. First, we need strong community before we launch it.

The reason for the aggressive airdrop program is under the plan to create a strong community before we launch our product. To encourage the early adopter to join our community, BREMIT has designed several airdrop programs with specific tasks. Users participating on such programs will be awarded with FREE token. This will help our project to get visibility, reach the target countries and build a strong community, which will eventually be helpful while launching products there. With this program, we will be able to create mass awareness of our project and wide adaptation of token and project.

2. Second, we are saving User acquisition cost .

We are entering into fintech industry, where there are already established unicorns, government institutions, public organization serving millions/billions of users from decades. It’s insanely challenge to every new entrants to target those users. FinTech Marketers Invested $3B on User Acquisition. We are saving upfront cost.

3. Third, we are saving infrastructure cost.

Compare to Bank or any remittance company that spends millions to establish their office. We are virtual and peer to peer network, we won’t require to open branch in every corner of city. For us, our branch is an every individual(node) that will serve better than any of those office with 90% lower service charge with 100% reliability and convenience

4. Fourth, More users means more decentralization.

The key value proposition of bremit is peer to peer network and decentralization. This Prelaunch is achieving it’s goal to create network of thousand and million people reaching every country where this token is holding by same no of people.

5. Fifth, This was always the part of plan.

If you read the whitepaper, you can easily understand this is well planned strategy to create the community of million before launching it. This will not limit here.

For those who want to learn about Airdrop Program, Read here https://www.bremit.io/airdrop




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