Everything you should know about Bremit Roadmap.

We had officially kicked off the BREMIT Prelaunch Airdrop campaign to mark our presence in the crypto community on the last 21 of june. This airdrop campaign is going to end in the next 3 days. Our team has already celebrated it as one of the most exciting and overwhelming events and considered it as a highly accepted use case.

We’re going to publish the complete report of the BREMIT Prelaunch Airdrop campaign to our members.

June, 2021

Last month we completed a few activities:

July, 2021

For this month, We’re setup to complete few activities

  • We’ll launch our Node Network Program : We’ve already made early list for it : https://bremit.medium.com/what-is-bremit-node-how-does-bremit-node-work-to-transfer-money-deded8303946

August, 2021

August is the most important month for us.

  • We will release our mobile app : The mobile app is for airdrop users, they download and add their wallet address to claim tokens. This will be the verification of users. This process will eliminate the fake accounts and false referral tokens.

November, 2021

  • We will focus on expanding our local offices in different regions to support node networks and facilitate money transfer.

December, 2021

  • We will continue to focus on expanding our local offices in the Africa, Southasia and North America region.

Uber for Cross Border Money Transfer. Blockchain based peer to peer decentralized remittance platform. https://www.bremit.io