Frequently Asked Question about Bremit Presale

5 min readJul 31, 2021


Dear our beloved community members: We received lots of queries regarding the Bremit Presale program, So we wanted to answer it. Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to ping to help us add to this FAQ list!

What is a Bremit Presale campaign?

Bremit Presale token allows the investors to buy tokens at the possible best rate before the public sale starts in exchange.

When does the presale and the Exchange Listing start?

Our Presale will start on July 25th of 2021 and end on August 25th of 2021. The exchange listing is planned for the end of August 2021.

What is the price of a BRMT token?

The listing price of 1 BRMT is 0.05 USD.

What is the offer price of BRMT token in Presale?

There will be a 0.03 USD per token which is a 40% discount in the first 10 days of the sale or until we raise 6M worth of tokens — whichever comes first — , to reward our first investors. The second 10 days, the price will be 0.035 USD and the third 10 days, the price will be 0.04 USD.

What are the other benefits Bremit Presale users can get?

  • The purchased token will be in automatic staking giving you up to 130% interest(depending on package). Where 30% of interest will be in USDT and the rest 70% will be in BRMT.
  • You can refer to others to buy presale tokens and get upto 25% referral bonus in USDT which is immediately withdraw-able.
  • If you’ve the referrals members on your dashboard, and any of them purchased the pesale token then you will automatically get the referral bonus upto 25% in USDT. Remember, you must be a presale token user to get the benefit.
  • You can unlock your airdrop token.

What are the staking benefits?

  • For presale token users, those token will give you additional profit. We are providing an additional upto 130% staking bonus.
  • The bonus will be divided into 40% usdt and 60% brmt tokens.
  • You can either withdraw or reinvest the USDT token.

What is the referral benefit?

  • If your referral link used to register a new user and purchase the presale token, you will be rewarded bonus upto 25% (Depend upon your package).
  • The referral bonus is received on USDT token
  • You can either withdraw immediately or you can invest it for staking more bonus.

I already have referral users on my dashboard. Can I get a bonus if they purchase a presale token? How much can I get from them?

Yes you can receive the referral bonus from the existing user if they purchase presale tokens, but you must be the one who also purchased the presale token. The referral bonus will be dependent on the package you purchased.

What is an unlock airdrop token?

If you have participated in the Bremit Airdrop Campaign, You must have received some airdrop token for signup, referrals and social tasks. But those tokens were locked for 3 month. But the presale users have the advantage of unlocking the equal amount of token, so you don’t need to wait for 3 month to unlock.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted during the Presale?

We accept USDT, BUSD, BNB and ETH

Do we receive the actual tokens during the Presale?

Yes. After purchasing the tokens, you can see the tokens in your dashboard. The token is in the staking stage giving you daily interest both in BRMT and USDT. You can easily request to withdraw token in your wallet, but your staking will be cancelled

How can I participate in the bremit presale?

To participate in the bremit presale, All you need is Binance Smart Chain (BSC) wallet compatible with BEP-20 tokens.

How can I make a purchase?

You will need the wallet compatible with BEP-20 tokens. The following wallets are known to be compatible :

  • Metamask Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Binance Chain Wallet

What’s the maximum token supply? What is the token allocation?

The maximum token supply is 10 Billion BRMT, however only 1.5 Billion will be for presale. You can read the detail token allocation here :

Why did you choose to make the minimum contribution for your public presale 100 USDT?

We are limiting the presale to only accredited investors. Therefore, assuming that those who participate in our public presale are accredited, we believe that 100 USDT is an acceptable threshold to invest.

When will you be listed on exchanges? Which ones are you talking to?

We don’t want to express the date of listing publicly due to NDA with exchange. We are currently scheduling a listing after the end of the Presale campaign at the end of August. We are already in conversation with 4 to 5 exchanges, we are trying to get exclusive deals with the first exchange.

Do you have a working prototype/ demo?

Yes we do and we will be releasing it in August before listing in exchange. Which gives great advantage to people to invest on our token.

What is the lock-up period for tokens?

The presale brmt token will be disbursed to your address 2 days before the listing on exchange. But you can withdraw USDT token anytime.

Why did you give higher bonuses to people in presale?

All of those who participated in the presale are early adopters and believers in our project who have supported us from Day One. We wanted to thank these people and also keep incentives properly aligned so that they could feel properly invested in our success!

Do you conduct KYC checks?

No we don’t, but you should be the registered user on our platform

I am an US citizen. Can I participate in the presale?

The bremit presale is a worldwide presale and it’s open to everyone, however national laws apply. It’s up to the investors to check locally whether or not they can invest.

I really want to help you guys expand in XYZ region. Who do I reach out to?

You can join our node program here :

You can write directly at , Our Partnership Head Marcelo will be in contact with you.

Safety and Security precautions

Any information about our Token Sale details will only come from our website, our Medium blog and our Telegram channel. If you receive any email or Telegram private message talking about dates, details or anything else, please double check our blog or main Telegram group for matching information. All contribution information coming from another channel or addresses will probably be a scam !




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