Frequently Asked Question about Bremit Presale

  • You can refer to others to buy presale tokens and get upto 25% referral bonus in USDT which is immediately withdraw-able.
  • If you’ve the referrals members on your dashboard, and any of them purchased the pesale token then you will automatically get the referral bonus upto 25% in USDT. Remember, you must be a presale token user to get the benefit.
  • You can unlock your airdrop token.
  • The bonus will be divided into 40% usdt and 60% brmt tokens.
  • You can either withdraw or reinvest the USDT token.
  • The referral bonus is received on USDT token
  • You can either withdraw immediately or you can invest it for staking more bonus.
  • Trust Wallet
  • Binance Chain Wallet



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Uber for Cross Border Money Transfer. Blockchain based peer to peer decentralized remittance platform.