Information about the upcoming Bremit Presale Campaign.

What is a Bremit Presale campaign?

A presale is a term that refers to the process that takes place before the public sale begins in exchange. Bremit Presale token allows the investors to buy tokens at the possible best rate before the public sale starts in exchange.

What is the public Presale offer? What will be the benefits for users?

For the presale participants, we allocate a discount and bonus depending on the phase of their contribution.This would allow us to reward our more motivated contributors. Bremit’s presale campaign allows users to stake your brmt presale tokens and give you regular benefit on multiple tokens(USDT and BRMT token), which can be instantly withdrawn. All the presale users will be invited to a private communication group, We will create the environment where presale users will get maximum benefits.

When does the presale and the Exchange Listing start?

Our Presale will start on July 25th of 2021 and end on August 25th of 2021. The exchange listing is planned for the end of August 2021.

How many phases will be there?

There will be 3 different phases with different packages with in the given timelines.

What is the brmt token type?

The BRMT token is a utility token, required to access Bremit’s services and tradeable against other cryptocurrencies. Read details about token here :

What will be the use of raised fund?

The fund we raised will be used for liquidity in listing exchange. We believe this will be the great idea to make this project viable and grow for the long term.

What are the accepted currencies?

  • We accept USDT
  • We accept BUSD
  • We accept BNB
  • We accept ETH

For special request, please contact

How to participate

How to transfer USDT to BRMT token?

  • For those who are able to access the presale page after registration, you can see multiple packages there.
  • You can click the one package you are interested in buying.
  • To contribute, you just need to send your contribution to our smart contract using the address shown there on screen.
  • For any question/support, please contact
  • There will be online support for users.

Safety and Security precautions

Any information about our Token Sale details will only come from our website, our Medium blog and our Telegram channel. If you receive any email or Telegram private message talking about dates, details or anything else, please double check our blog or main Telegram group for matching information. All contribution information coming from another channel or addresses will probably be a scam !

If you are interested, Join the waiting list.



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